The return of the Great White Sharks to False Bay

Let’s Talk About It…Their Return

The return of the great white sharks to False Bay

In False Bay, it’s been a very long and painful stretch; an 8 week and 6 day stretch to be exact. But now, and I say this with cautious optimism; “they are back!” Our sharks seem to have returned to our Island, bringing with them, a couple juveniles, 2 meter juveniles, that jump and hunt with inexperienced skill, and as yet a little on the cautious side, not too sure of our boats. But then there is the lovely lady; a 3.5 meter girl, with a girth well worth the mention, and she just loved our boat and cage! Not even our experienced bait man, Wellington could get our decoy away from her in time. She “played” and let us all see why these creatures are some of our favourites! She swam a figure of eight between ourselves and a colleague, coming back, over and over again to show herself off to our crew and guests, giving everybody a very long awaited; “hello, here I am” causing the crew and guests to scream and holler in excitement!

great white shark of False Bay

While the breaches have been “belly flops” and the predations, vigorous splashes, we are thrilled that these sharks are back, young and old alike, new and familiar; we are gearing up for what we are hoping will be an extended season, with lots in the way of sightings, views and activity. We’re looking forward to plenty breaches and predations and as a result, many, many happy guests!

The hope is always there that every day that we take to the seas, we will be met by fantastic shark activity, but understanding that this is the hope, not an expectation, as the only thing one can expect from wild life, whether it be on land or in the ocean, is that they will act like wild animals!

Come and join us on this “bucket list” adventure out of Simons Town, where we proudly announce, “is the breaching capitol of the world!”

Till we meet again, keep that toothy grin!

friendly shark

By Nadine Bentley

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