Big white sharks and loads of dolphins

Good Day Sharkies

Today’s Airjaws Trip with African Shark Eco-Charters was an exciting one to say the least with the ocean pulsing all its power into False Bay over the easter weekend leaving behind a big swell running in the bay today.

Running out, all we could see was rolling swells, this generally is not a good thing for Great White Sharks as they tend to use alot of energy so the do not like to swim on the surface but rather stay deep to conserve energy, but seeing that the swell was dropping throughout the day, we decided to go and it was a great choice!!

We arrived at the island with a good 6feet of swell, we set our decoy as usual and began to troll it around the island, as we hit the middle of the island, Rob shouted ” Drop Drop Drop” which means he has seen some action and we quickly dropt he decoy and race over to a predation in progress. Rob says it was a small shark and it only had 2 goes at the seal then gave up. We went back to pick our decoy up and carry on the tow.

We had just reattached the decoy and boom on the crest of the wave a shark stuck his “BIG HEAD” out the water and grabbed our decoy, these are special breaches that i really enjoy seeing, as did the guests.

Here is a pic of the breach today:



Once we had picked our decoy up, we had a look at the seals and then we anchored up in the Southern side of the island as it was North Westerly wind blowing.

After 45mins we had no sharks and decided to move to the Northen Side, the side where we have been getting most of the sharks lately. It was a very slow start and as said we think it was the big swell, as soon as the swell dropped, the shark action got intense!!

We had about 7 sharks up to the boat today, with the biggest being around 4m. She was beeeg and very girthy but had a very unusual damage on her Dorsal Fin, it looked like a bite of some sort but was very fresh. None the less she gave us a great time with the guests having amazing views from the cage with the visibility around 8m. Great.

Here is a pic of the shark around the boat:




The day ended very nicely for us with the guests experiencing the Common Dolphins we have in the bay in abundance at the moment we had about 300 today jumping and playing with us.

Well thats it for today, till next time.

Happy Sharky Dreams.

Brandon Kilbride