Lets talk about the shark “DEEP BLUE”

Let’s Talk About Deep Blue, the biggest Great White Shark captured on camera


In the “shark community” as it were, the name “Deep Blue” is spoken in equal measures of excitement and awe! And when you understand that she is the biggest Great White Shark ever caught on film, measuring over 23 feet in length (7+ meters) with a girth just as impressive, you too will gasp in amazement, if you haven’t already! There have been other sharks also filmed of great size, but nothing quite as big as Deep Blue.

She has, as of yet, only been filmed off the coast of Guadalupe Island, Mexico. That is not to say this is the only area she inhabits, as the little we do know about Great Whites, includes knowing that they migrate huge distances, and can certainly move between the waters of Australia’s West coast and South Africa’s False Bay. So I see no logical reason why she would not migrate to other areas as well, though she has never been captured on film outside of the Mexican coast.

Her size, has those in the know, estimate her at 50 plus years of age, and obviously a very clever shark to have out manoeuvred man for so long, let’s hope she can continue doing so until old age takes her to the oceans in the sky.


According to Michael Maier, the diving enthusiast who captured the images and footage of Deep Blue; she is calm and resolute in her oceanic element. She circled the diver’s cage numerous times, showing her inquisitive and curious nature, though despite her size, the divers did not fear or feel in any danger. This is of course also attributed to the cage diving operator, but also in no small part to Deep Blue’s calm attitude and curiosity. Michael has since, released further footage of his encounter with Deep Blue, and all of these pictures are accredited to Michael Maier.


Till we meet again, keep that toothy grin!


By Nadine Bentley


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