Let’s Talk About Shark Cage Diving with ASEC

Let’s Talk About Shark Cage Diving with ASEC

Book the ultimate in adventure experiences with a combination Great White Shark breaching, viewing and cage dive trip out of Simons Town, which is a mere 45 mins drive from the centre of Cape Town.

Shark diving with ASEC
Take the Great White Shark cage dive to another level with scuba, no experience necessary as we make use of the Hookah method, but a rudimentary understanding and swimming ability is a must.
We pride ourselves in our eco-friendly approach and passion of the Great Whites and their natural predatory behaviour. Our trips offer insights into this wonderful world of the Great White Shark, from both the boat and cage, with a wealth of knowledge to be shared, from our Skipper, Rob Lawrence and the on board Marine Biologist, as well as experienced crew and deck hands.
Seal Island is unique in its topographical layout, making this the Great White Shark breaching capitol of the world, offering the ideal depths and seabed layout to grant the Great White just the right amount of space to build up the required speed to burst through the water and “fly” through the air, giving it the well-deserved name; “Airjaws.”
The trips leave from Simons Town Pier early, in order to catch the Great Whites predatory interaction with the Cape Fur Seal when at its peak, which is at first light. It is at this time that one is most likely to witness the Flying Great White Sharks of False Bay; referred to as “Airjaws.” They have been known to breach in the late afternoon as well, but we have found that the morning is the best time to experience this amazing spectacle.
Great White Sharks, are amongst the oceans most adept predators, which is evident when witnessing the hunt at Seal Island. These beautiful creatures are streamlined to glide through the water unhindered and with the ultimate of ease despite their size. They are distinctly pigmented and boast blue eyes and a constant, built-in “smile”.
Being a highly curious and inquisitive animal, the Great White will more often than not, investigate anything new to its environment. They will swim by, doing a precursory close up and swift jolt past, and if not threatened, then the investigation could move up to the usual gentle mouthing or “test bite.” If they are able to scavenge and gorge themselves upon the corpse of a deceased whale, seal or other of their preferred dietary fish, they will.
As we are an eco-friendly operator, we do not make use of sharks’ liver to attract the sharks; we are anchored alongside the world famous Seal Island, which means we are in a natural chum slick, so chumming is not necessary either. We do bait, which is making use of a tuna head that has been securely bound with a rope and repeatedly thrown into the water and brought in before the sharks are able to make a meal of it.
Don’t miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime, book your trip today!baiting
When joining us, whether it’s for one of our amazing Airjaws trips, or any other of our shark cage dive and viewing adventures; please remember to bring along your warm and hopefully waterproof jacket, sun hat and or cap, sun screen, underwater camera or GoPro and of course make sure you have been properly medicated against seasickness by purchasing over the counter motion sickness tablets and taking one the night before the trip and another the morning of the trip.
It is important to note that all our trips are sea and weather dependent, and we are entirely at the mercy of nature, so do not guarantee sightings, but do promise a voucher to return should there not be sharks, and in the event that we have to cancel due to bad and unsafe sea and weather conditions, we will try to reschedule you to another day that suits you (availability dependent) or will refund 100% of any monies already paid.

Strike this off your bucket list by booking your amazing shark cage dive today!
Till we meet again, keep that toothy grin.

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By Nadine Bentley

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