Great Whites Missing from False Bay

Great Whites Missing from False Bay?

Let’s Talk About it…

Ok, so as I am quite sure, you have read somewhere, if not on our Facebook page, then possibly TripAdvisor, that the False Bay Great White Sharks have been pretty much non-existent for several weeks now. This is true! It could be global warming or el nino, but the reason for this behaviour is not entirely 100% figured out yet, though it did happen last year as well, albeit a little later in the year. So we have absolutely no doubts as to whether they will return or not, our only question is: “when?” We have been going “to sea” … get it, the pun? … about twice a week since the beginning of their disappearance, and now find ourselves around the same time they returned last year, so we are counting on history repeating itself and are eagerly awaiting their imminent return this weekend!

The reason for this blog is to briefly explain what we do and have done in this rather unprecedented case. Some may ask if we have continued to accept bookings, and to this our answer is yes! As I mentioned before, we have no concrete time frame for the sharks return, so would rather have the bookings, with the possibility of being able to share this amazing adventure with our valued guests as opposed to closing down the bookings and then rushing around when they do return. So what do we do with the bookings if we have no sharks? Well this is one of the areas in which we pride ourselves; as we do not take payment upfront, we will either reschedule the booking for later, or we would book the guests onto another trip in a different area, that we have confirmed is teaming with sharks at the moment, or we would offer the opportunity to join us on our “look and see” trips, which if proved unsuccessful, we would give vouchers to the same value, valid for a year, so that the guest could return when the sharks did and then join us on one of our  fantastic shark dive and viewing trips!

We completely understand that this is a bucket list and once in a life time adventure for many, so are devastated when we have to cancel the trips with us in False Bay, but are more than happy to reschedule these trips to ensure that our guests will at the very least have the opportunity of experiencing these amazing creatures in their natural environment, albeit not with us.

We hold out on the hope with every trip presently, that this will be the one when they return, and are heartbroken when our boat returns with unhappy news, but we just put the Champaign back in the fridge for the next time, when we will again hold out the hope that, that trip will be the one!

Till we meet again, keep that toothy grin!

By Nadine Bentley

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