Great White Sharks On Fire At Seal Island

Zamelek the great white shark


It’s here! Winter has arrived and she’s greeting us with strong winds, lots of rain and great viz to come.

On recent shark cage diving trips to Seal Island in False Bay‎ we have noticed a large increase of Great White Sharks ranging from mostly new sharks and a few of the old faces too. One shark in particular we have seen a few times on natural predations, scavenges and he has even breached on our decoy seal once or twice. We like to call him chopper due to a large portion of his dorsal fin being chopped off. Up until a couple days ago chopper had never come to the boat but rather focused on hunting around the island instead but the other day he decided to come pay us a visit giving the cage a few passes. Chopper is a rather large Great White Shark pushing 4.5m (14ft) with lots of fine scratches all down the left hand side of the shark. Since his first visit to our boat he’s subsequently come back another three times but unfortunately doesn’t like to stick around too long.


Prop-guard being one of our favourite females this season so far hasn’t been seen for a while by our boat but what we have noticed is that when we get Zamalek to the boat, Prop-guard ‎is usually not too far behind him either paying us a visit at the same time or popping round to the boat next door. We have also met a new 4.5m (14ft) female called Iris she is a really fun player. How to spot her is apart from her enormity she has some parasites on her head and a few scars down her side. She’s definitely one Great White Shark we love to have around.


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See you on the jetty…


Gary D Carstens

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