Great White Sharks are amazing animals that you just cant describe in words.

Tuesday mornings trip gave us an unforgettable moment for a full boat load of guests (and me!). The great white sharks had been very chilled out all morning, we thought due to the calm water, and we had seen no breaches. The last part of the trip was doing a slow drive past Seal Island to get a close view of the seal breeding colony. So at the far end of the island Rob kciks the engines to full steam to get us back to Simonstown harbour. At this exact second, a very young (Around 2 metres) great white shark leaps out of the water only 1 metre from the boat, does a spin in the air and then splashes down on the water! Thank goodness everyone saw it, or they would never have believed me!! Two possible explanations – either the engines scared the shark as it may have been right under the boat, or there was a black cormorant on the surface and he was chasing him! Either way it was a fantastic sight for everyone who happened to be looking in that direction!

Another hugely impressive moment for me on last Thursday afternoon’s trip happened also at the end of the cage diving on our Seal Island drive past. I was chatting to the guests about Seal Island and why the great white sharks are in the area, and said ‘the young seals in the water are nice and safe where they are, but if they happen to swim out any further they will get eaten by the sharks circling the island’ – at this exact second a great white shark breached straight out of the water after a seal we were watching. What are the odds on that happening?! Definitely several billion to one!!!

So yet again the great white sharks at Seal Island still surprise me every day! We can never predict what they are going to do, or how they will behave – even though we are on the water with them every day (weather permitting…!). Amazing animals that you just can’t describe in words – they have to be seen to be believed! So come down to Simonstown, try out our new fancy cage and be prepared to fall in love with –in my opinion –  the best creature to ever exist on this planet.


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