Our Great White Shark friends are back!

We have been lucky enough to run back to back Great White Shark trips to Seal Island for the past few weeks – it’s safe to say our Great White Shark friends are back!

The AM trips have been a real once in a life time experience for our guests with numerous full natural predations, scavenging behavior and predations on our decoy! With a breath taking sunrise almost every morning sets for a photographers dream, giving guests the best possible lighting/background False Bay has to offer!

On average we have been having 3-6 different Great White Sharks around our boat on a PM Dive Trip allowing our guests to each experience an intimate moment with these incredible animals. It has been great to see some return Great White Sharks from the previous seasons (which we’ve named individually according to distinct markings) and some new ones too.

Last week we were greeted by our biggest Great White Shark of the season measuring an estimate of 5m+. We were all blown away by the size and beauty of this amazing animal gracefully making a turn past our divers as if they weren’t even there – It’s something everybody needs to experience!

The Great White Sharks in their natural habitat is of-course our main attraction on the trips but let’s not forget about the 30 boat ride to and from Seal Island! With the relatively mild winter which we have been experiencing due to the El Niño affects, allows for a comfortable and enjoyable crossing through the bay. False Bay is alive with activity as we have been accompanied by pods of Common Dolphins, our usual Brydes Whales and the occasional Southern Right whale! Rumor has it that several pods of Hump Back Whales have been spotted off Cape Of Good Hope and are expected to make their entrance into False Bay soon!

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