False Bay Season Closure

False Bay Season Closure
By Carole Preston

So as the end of September bids farewell to the False Bay Shark Season, we are already looking forward to the 2016 Great White Shark Season here at African Shark Eco Charters.
Our season has been a busy one full of amazing adventures on the False Bay waters with amazing sightings and of course even more amazing guests from all over the globe.
Each and every year we are blessed to look forward to the new and exciting shark adventures that lay ahead of the new season in False Bay.

Until our season kicks off next year, we live our shark adventures through you, our lovely guests who get to go out on the waters and see the sharks with one of our other operators which we book you with.

Our 2016 bookings are already in full swing and we look forward to seeing you soon and seeing all our seasonal guests returning.

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