A day in the life of a bookings coordinator

A day in the life of a bookings coordinator

Ever wonder what happens behinds the scenes of your shark trip?

Every booking and phone call made and question asked…yes, even those random requests for restaurant recommendations are responded to and coordinated by the bookings team here at African Shark Eco-Charters. Our job is to make sure you actually experience the shark cage dive and tour. Here is what an ordinary day looks like for us…

08:45AM- Open the shop for the day

Right on the harbour at the Simons Town Waterfront Centre is where we’re based. Having undergone a revamped recently, the shop is looking shiny and new and the new merchandise is already flying off the new shelves!

09:00AM- Call Rob

As soon as the store is setup and ready to receive shoppers and guests, we get in touch with Rob to find out how the morning shark tour is going, he also lets us know how many sharks have been sighted, how the weather out at Seal Island is and if we will go out again in the afternoon and next morning. Rob is out on almost every trip with the guests.

10:00AM- Make contact with guests

This is the time we usually communicate with the guests booked for the afternoon and the next morning. We let them know whether or not the trip will go ahead and what the sea and weather conditions are like. Did you know that Shark sightings in False Bay have plummeted substantially in recent months? Read more about it here.

12:00PM- Welcome back the guests from the morning trip

At African Shark Eco-Charters guests make payment after their trip. A 50% advanced deposit is required only if your group is larger than 4 people.

At noon when the guests from the first trip return we’re all ready and set to process payments as quickly as we can to allow them to enjoy the sights and sounds of Simons Town before returning to their lodgings. Once in a while a guest will also purchase one or two things from our shelves. Cool T-shirts, fossil shark teeth, caps, hoodies, and other winter wear can be found in-store, all at affordable prices.

16:00PM- Welcome back guests from the afternoon trip

Every now and again we have a second trip out to Seal Island. If shark sightings were great that morning and the weather is agreeable the trip is a go! Guests can expect to have docked by 4PM at which time we process their payments.

17:00PM- Wrap Up for the Day

We close the shop everyday at 5PM (GMT +2). Last emails get responded to, transportation finalised for our morning guests and a few other admin-related tasks are completed. While we lock the shop doors for the day, one of us is always available on the phone to respond to you queries and calls!


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