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Cow Shark Diving Trip – Simon’s Town

These rarely seen sharks are extremely special. There is no were else in the world where they can be so easily accessed as in False Bay. They are found in between the shallow kelp forests in Marine Protected reef areas. As the average depth i s only 12 metres, shark diving with Cow Sharks is easy and fun. Divers can go and enjoy the reef life, see four different species of Cat Shark, and even spotted Gully Sharks.

Close encounters are common. Cow Sharks will readily approach divers to get a closer look which means they swim right up to you and only turn at the very last minute. The size range seen by divers is between 1 – 3 meters. Because of their natural curiosity and confidence we don’t use any form of chum or bait to interact with them.

The Sevengill Cowsharks are very curious and confident sharks. They swim slowly through the kelp or over the sandy channels between the kelp. They are social sharks and are often found in groups of 10 – 20.

It is quite common to see Spotted Gully sharks in the water at the same time – they have a large dorsal fin and completely different swimming pattern to the Cowsharks, so one can’t confuse the two species. The Gully’s are more “frisky” in comparison to the more lazy Cowshark style of movement.

The Seven Gill Cowshark, or Spotted Cowshark, are formidable predators of seals, fish and other sharks, and are known as “wolves of the sea”, because of their extraordinary co-operative hunting behaviour. Cow sharks are considered the most primitive of all the sharks, because their skeletons resemble those of ancient extinct forms, with few modern adaptations

We have been fortunate enough to see regularly enough at one location to be able to confidently guide dives there with an 85% chance of success.

Cow shark tour

Get up close with Cow Sharks . And we offer scuba dives to view these rare Cow Sharks! Book with us in False Bay!


06h30 Sharp on the Simons Town Pier.

From designated pick-up points in and around Cape Town – special transfers can also be arranged.

5 Hours at sea.

Small groups – maximum 18 plus crew

5 to 6 divers – No experience necessary – 20 minutes’ cage time

Snacks, muffins and sandwiches, enthusiastic and experienced crew, all dive gear and tea / coffee from Saveur Restaurant & 25% off lunch

Cow Shark Diving Trip – Simon’s Town

We take a maximum of 6 people (unless in a group) to reduce the impact on the sharks and enhance your personal  experience.

Two guided scuba dives
Snacks & cool drinks on boat
Dive briefing and full shark presentation
Dive gear can be hired at an extra cost
6 – 12 meters (20 – 40 feet)
10 – 20 º C
3 – 20 meters
Between 30 – 60 minutes
Open Water 1 Certification. Make sure to bring proof of certification with you.

Cow Shark Diving Trip Itinerary

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Tips for safely diving with Sevengill Cowsharks

These sharks do not like to be touched in any way whatsoever, whether it’s intentional or accidental. The best way to safely dive with these sharks is to always be aware of your position in the water and where you are kicking. Being in complete control of your buoyancy will help you achieve this. Make sure that you keep eye contact with any sharks that are approaching you. Make sure that you do not corner the shark or make it feel boxed in where it may react by biting because it feels threatened.

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