seal island

Another Great White Shark breach at Seal Island, False Bay

Today, on our great white shark trip we had a natural breach.  This is the second natural breach of the season we have witnessed so far. This behaviour is very early for this time of the year, as well as the  great whites returning  early to the island. A few years ago we would not have considered doing any shark trips during  February and March’s  sightings were only around 70%.  It is to be noted however, that there are still great whites inshore, with the shark siren going off on many of the False Bay beaches.

So far we have had 100% sightings on our shark trips and up to 8 sharks seen at a time which is uncharacteristic for this time of year.  The shark’s are actively hunting now We had a rotting seal carcass wash off the island and drift next to the boat and had a shark come and scavenge on it.   We also saw a predatory event on a Cape Fur seal, with a great white breaching.  We are now going to start towing our decoy on the trips and see if sharks will breach on it.