A Wrap of Our Season

Well, this has been my first season working with African Shark Eco-Charters and definitely not my last. Not only has my entire perseption on Great White Sharks changed since iv started working with them, but iv also grown a love for the amazing animals which at one stage didnt think was possible. Staying this, If you are one of those people (like i was) which didn’t really know the facts about Great White Sharks or their behavior I highly recommend you booking a trip with us – You will be amazed!

This year was a strange year for us – To all of our amazement we were off to an early start! We had our first Great White Shark greet us in February and we thought “its game-on from here!” Unfortunately, this was not the case. The sharks seem to disappear shortly into the beginning of March, which left us very confused but we were even more confident that they would return. We were educated by our skipper Rob that the sharks are seasonal predators and that nature doesn’t do what we want it to do – He was sure right about that! By the beginning of July the Great White Sharks had returned and they were not shy to make their presents clear. We started running back to back trips to Seal Island – The morning trip consisted of natural predation activity as well as predation’s on our Seal-Decoy and of course, diving with the sharks and the afternoon trips, which consisted mainly of the diving aspect. It was great to see some return Great White Sharks from the previous seasons (which we’ve named individually according to distinct markings) and some new ones too.

On Wednesday 13th July 2016 we were greeted by our biggest Great White Shark of the season, which was estimated to be around 5M+. She left the crew and guests speechless after putting on a show for us to remember! We must not forget about the pods of Common Dolphins and Brydes Whales which greeted us frequently on our journey to Seal Island, adding the cherry on the top! It took a while for the Southern Right Whales and Humpback Whales to arrive this season, but when they did we were lucky enough to pass them in the bay few times reassuring us that they hadn’t gone anywhere!

Overall it was a great season – I learned a lot, created a lot of memories and most of all changed my perspective!


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