My Shark Cage Dive Adventure…Part one

My Shark Cage Dive Adventure…Part one

It was all very last minute, by 17h00 the day before we took the two last available spots on the boat! This was an unexpected and pleasant surprise, with the fact that there is very seldom space available so close to a dive, but there had been a last minute cancellation.

The excitement was pliable; my husband was like a little boy on Christmas Eve! He went on a shopping spree, gearing himself up to “look the part” with shark t-shirts, motion sickness tablets and underwater cameras! He wanted to set the alarm for 04h00 in the morning, when we only had to be at the pier at “06h40 sharp”, keeping in mind, we live all of 15 mins WALK from the pier! “We can’t be late, we can’t miss the boat!” Was his reasoning, so I humoured him, as wives do. Every hour on the hour, he awoke with the question; “is it time yet?” on his lips. In fairness, I make it sound like it was only him, but I was just as excited, but managed to keep mine a little more in check, reminding myself all the while, that we are going to visit wild animals in their environment, and not zoo animals that are pretty much guaranteed of being there, the sharks compound is somewhat larger than the enclosures at zoos! “Come hoping as opposed to expecting!” Started sounding like a mantra and not just the advice I give guests!

Eventually an end came to the longest night ever, and we were up! We fed animals (ours) we showered and dressed, in all our new shark regalia, and we spoke excitedly about what we were hoping to see! Motion sickness tablets and before the trip photos taken and we were off!

We arrived at the pier at 06h35, and amazingly enough, we were not the first. We were met by Leigh’s smiling face, and after introductions were made, we made our way to the bottom of the pier, where the Blue Pointer 2 awaited us! This was going to be the mode of transportation to a face to face with the Apex predator of the oceans! The king of the seas! We couldn’t wait to get started! The trip was really happening, we were going shark cage diving!

We waited patiently as the last guests pulled up, to embark, then after taking a quick look about the boat, we decided to settle up top on the deck, only ‘cos I wasn’t allowed to sit on the bow holding on to the front rails! Of course, I couldn’t do that, safety first, and besides what was this, the Titanic, and who am I, Kate Winslet? Not…

Our shark cage dive adventure had truly begun!

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